The Old Post is home to multiple businesses and services. We hope you’ll visit soon.

Escape the Old Post

Third Floor (Former Attic)

On the 3rd floor, the building’s original attic has been transformed for Escape the Old Post – one of the world’s most unique puzzle rooms. Teams attempt to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategies to complete the objective: beat the clock and ring the original 1912 bronze bell housed on the roof of the building. Learn more about this unique experience and book your escape here.

Mays Café at the Old Post

Main Floor

The Café at the Old Post reopened May 10, 2024 with a focus on serving freshly roasted, premium coffee, teas, and local foods. Housed inside the Old Post’s original armoury, the Café combines the century-old architectural features of the restored building with modern amenities (free WiFi, anyone?) to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. May’s Café at the Old Post is downtown Harriston’s most unique spot to grab a coffee on the way to work, stop in for a snack or lunch on your way up north, or enjoy ice cream with your family. If you’re visiting Escape the Old Post, make this your before and after game meeting place!

John Nater, MP, Perth-Wellington

Main Floor

The Old Post is home to the Wellington County office for John Nater, Member of Parliament for Perth-Wellington. John was elected in the 42nd General Election on October 19, 2015

The Post Script

Lower Level

The Post Script is a new multi-purpose space and certified commercial kitchen located in the lower level of The Old Post. It is available to rent for corporate and private meetings, workshops, events and social gatherings. This fully renovated space accommodates up to 30 people, and includes both modern amenities and historic features unique to The Old Post. Browse upcoming events and rental information here.

Triton Engineering Services Ltd.

Second Floor

Triton Engineering Services Limited was incorporated in 1964 to provide professional consulting services in the field of municipal engineering including servicing, roads and transportation, wastewater and potable water treatment, structures, development and administration and advisory services. The Old Post is home to the firm’s Harriston office, located on the second floor of the building.

Commercial Space rentals

Please get in touch to discuss space for your needs and potential business collaborations. For short term or single day rentals, check out the Post Script event space. For creative studio space, please see the Studio at the Old Post.